The benefits of incorporating The Sippressor into your dental practice.

The Sippressor is the most elegant suction device available and patients love how comfortable it allows them to feel.

The Main Benefits of the Sippressor

“I am writing to commend you on The Sippressor. My biggest dislike of being in the dentist's chair is the sensation of choking during a procedure due to a build up of saliva in the mouth. Since you introduced the device to your practice, I no longer have that issue. I have used the device during hygiene checkups and more recently on a two hour root canal procedure. It gives myself, the patient, control over when saliva is removed from the mouth, no longer being at the mercy of having to wait for an appropriate time mid-procedure to do so. It increases comfort and reduces the sense of helplessness as a patient.”
Alana Clohessy


The Original Sippressor
- 10 regular Sippressors
- all connecting tubes and switches

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Both the original Sippressor and the new Aerosol HV Sippressor are available in Canada only. We are working on regulatory guidelines in the US and other countries so that hopefully soon, both will also be available all over the world.

Patients sometimes forget it’s there.

The Sippressor is small and unobtrusive.
Patients no longer concerned about having to swallow periodically.

CASE STUDY - Read how The Sippressor has helped this dentist.

Patients barely feel its presence.


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