Dr. Jeffrey M. Coil, Endodontist
Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics
Director of Graduate Endodontics
Department of Oral Biological & Medical Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry
University of British Columbia
Dr. Wei Qian, Endodontist
D.M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D, F.R.C.D.(c)
Clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia School of Dentistry

“I love using the Sippressor in doing my day to day dentistry. For heavy salivators under the rubber dam, or people who cannot tolerate the rubber dam, I have had nothing but positive feedback from my patients. For sealants and squirmy children, I get nothing but positive feedback from my staff. Having tried other suction systems, I prefer the less intrusive, quiet high power suction the Sippressor provides!”

~ Dr. Tracey Murphy, DMD (Kamloops, BC) ~

“The Sippressor is a very clever, carefully made product that will immediately become indispensable for any dentist or dental hygienist who uses it.”

~ Dr. Marsha Douma, D. D. S. (Washington DC) ~

“The Sippressor is a simple isolation device that raises patient comfort by a huge extent, at minimal cost, with almost no learning curve. Treatment goes faster and better. I wish I’d thought of it myself. It will become the standard of care in a few years.”

~ Dr. Peter Walford, DDS, FCARDP
study Club Mentor and Master Clinician. Hornby island, BC ~

“I have been extremely impressed with all of the practical uses for the Sippressor. My hygienist uses this suction method to control moisture from the Cavitron, prophy jet and it is magic for fissure sealants. I usually use a rubber dam on patients but this can be used either underneath the dam for when moisture puddles up around the lower molars, or for patients who have a lot of saliva or cases where you can not use a dam. You can tell the Sippressor was invented by a working dentist who wanted a suction method that had multiple uses in a practice. Once you try this product you will not be disappointed.”

~ Dr. Mary-Lou Campbell, Dentist (Vancouver, BC) ~

“I have been involved in the manufacturing side of the dental business for 20+ years and I have tested and evaluated a lot of products - none better than the Sippressor which I find to be invaluable for saliva control and isolation with and without rubber dam. This simple but effective little tool is worth every penny and I highly recommend it to all dentists.”

~ Dr. Andrew JM Willoughby, DMD, LVIF, FICCMO, FICOI, FAACFP, FAGD, MICCMO. Physiologic Based Dentistry (White Rock, BC) ~

“The Sippressor is great not only for client comfort, but for keeping hygienists in the best ergonomic position by enabling better use of our mirrors and eliminating the need to suction while working. It works particularly well in hyper-salivators or patients with moderate to heavy bleeding. Time and back saver!”

~ Stephanie, Hygienist (New Westminster, BC) ~


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Patent #2955582. Health Canada approved.